"A Functional Approach to Java" is finally here!

I’m happy to announce that my book, “A Functional Approach to Java: Augmenting Object-Oriented Java Code with Functional Principles” is finally available 🥳

Traveling with (only) an iPad

After spending the last three “plague” years becoming a workaholic and spending 7 days almost every week in the office, I finally decided it was time for a vacation and change of scenery again, in the form of a 25 days trip to South Korea and Japan. The only problem was that I still needed to work on my book, A Functional Approach to Java, so I had to take at least one device capable of doing that with me.

Deploying Hugo with GitHub Actions

Almost three and a half years ago, I moved this blog from GitHub pages to my own little machine in the ether. The deployment process was based on Docker and a single Git hook, as I discussed in an earlier post. To simplify my setup as much as possible, I revamp the process to use GitHub Actions with a private repository.

Functional Programming With Java: Method References

Besides lambdas expressions, Java 8 introduced another language syntax change in the form of a new operator, :: (double colon), to create so-called method references. Even though I talked about and used method references in earlier articles, it’s time to take a closer look.

BASHŌ (芭蕉) - An Exporter for Calibre

The first version of my Calibre export tool got released today!

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