Parts of my first book are available in early access on the O’Reilly Media learning platform!

A Functional Approach to Java

Augmenting Object-Oriented Java Code
with Functional Principles

Multiple chapters are already available in early access so far, with more to come!

You need an O’Reilly account to access it, but here’s an overview of the (planned) content:

Part I. A Functional Approach

  1. An Introduction to Functional Programming (available in the early release)
  2. Functions and Lambdas (available in the early release)
  3. Immutability
  4. Lazy Evaluation (available in the early release)
  5. Working with Streams
  6. Optionals (available in the early release)
  7. Recursion (available in the early release)
  8. Exception Handling (available in the early release)
  9. Parallelism Data Processing with Streams
  10. Asynchronous Tasks with CompletableFuture
  11. Augmenting Object-Oriented Code with Functional Principles

Part II. Real-World Problems, Patterns, and Recipes

A Functional Approach to Java

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