The JDK Ecosystem

About 10 years after Java’s inception in 1996, Sun Microsystems released OpenJDK in 2007, a free and open-source implementation of Java SE. Many companies started to join as contributors.

Decouple Your Code With Dependency Injection

Not many components live on their own, without any dependencies on others. Instead of creating tightly coupled components, we can improve the separation of concerns by utilizing dependency injection (DI).

JShell, the Java REPL

Many languages contain a REPL, a Read-Evaluate-Print Loop. It evaluates declarations, statements, and expressions as they are entered and immediately shows the results. With Java 9, we finally got one too.

10 Git Tips To Save Time And Improve Your Workflow

Git, the stupid content tracker according to its manpage, is packed with features and some can be very intimidating. So we resort to just using the same few commands we can memorize, over and over again, instead of leveraging all the power that was given to us.