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The Foreign Function & Memory API, part of Project Pananama, improves Java’s interoperability with code and data outside the JVM. Calling native libraries and working with native memory becomes safer and more straightforward than using the fragile and often dangerous JNI.
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Looking at Java 22: Class-File API

 · 13 min
Class files and the underlying Bytecode serve as the universal language within the Java ecosystem. Parsing, generating, and transforming class files are essential tasks enabling many of the tools and libraries we use daily.
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Working with Numbers in Java

 · 19 min
There’s more than one way to work with numbers in Java. We have access to 7 numeric primitive types and their boxed counterparts, high-precision object types, multiple concurrency-akin types and helpers, and more.
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In this article, I want to talk about a non-preview feature belonging to Project Amber, JEP 456. With Java 9, the _ (underscore) became a reserved keyword and no longer a valid identifier. Now, with the release of Java 22, the new keyword finally gets a specific meaning: something not having a name.
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The first (preview) feature of Java 22 I want to talk about is one I’m quite excited about! JEP 447 introduces a significant change by relaxing the strict rules for constructors. It finally allows (certain) statements to be executed before calling the super(...) call.
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Looking at Java 22: Intro

 · 5 min
Java 22 is just around the corner (GA 2024-03-19), so it’s time to look at (most of the) included goodies, much like we did with the previous version. This time around, the new version includes 12 JEPs in total, with 7 being previews and a single incubator one.
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