Java Benchmarks with JMH

Almost every developer knows the phrase “premature optimization is the root of all evil”, coined by Donald Knuth in 1974. But how are we supposed to know what is worthy of being optimized?

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Java Exceptions

Exception handling is a mechanism used to handle disruptive, abnormal conditions to the control flow of our programs. The concept can be traced back to the origins of Lisp and is used in many different programming languages today.

Formatting Strings With Java

We all know String.format(...). But there are other options. Java has multiple ways of formatting, aligning, padding, and justifying Strings.

Utility Classes of the JDK: Dealing With I/O

Java NIO (“non-blocking I/O”) is a great feature set for dealing with I/O operations. Introduced by Java 1.4, it was further improved in Java 7 (JSR 203).

The JDK Ecosystem

About 10 years after Java’s inception in 1996, Sun Microsystems released OpenJDK in 2007, a free and open-source implementation of Java SE. Many companies started to join as contributors.