The Swift Programming Language

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Swift packages are a neat and simple way to bundle up and share code. They remove the overall complexity by not requiring an Xcode project but instead relying on a filesystem-based project layout. That’s all fine and well until your code needs an Entitlement for it to be tested.
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Xcode String Catalogs 101

 · 10 min
Localization, or l10n, is an important step for any app to reach a broader market and be more inclusive. With Xcode 15, the IDE gained a versatile and easy-to-use way of handling localization: String catalogs.
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Custom Operators in Swift

 · 6 min
Swift is quite a flexible language, providing you with many tools to modify and augment it as you seem fit. One of these augmentations is the support for custom and overloaded operators.
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What to do if your favorite dependency is not SPM-compatible (yet)? We do it ourselves!
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