Xcode Breakpoints 101

Knowing how to debug a problem is essential in any project. But there’s way more to it than just stopping at a certain point with a breakpoint. From running custom code, over symbolic breakpoints, to sharing breakpoints via Git, Xcode has something for everyone.

Custom Operators in Swift

Swift is quite a flexible language, providing you with many tools to modify and augment it as you seem fit. One of these augmentations is the support for custom or overloaded operators.

DIY Swift Package Manager Dependencies

The way we manage iOS dependencies has evolved a lot over time. And the latest and most integrated offering is the Swift Package Manager (SPM). But what to do if your favorite dependency is not SPM-compatible (yet)? We do it ourselves!

How to Hotfix Carthage Dependencies

We’ve all been there: One of our dependencies is just a little off for our needs. There might be a decision by the developer we don’t agree with, or we need more configuration possibilities. Or worse, a nasty bug in an unmaintained dependency. What should we do now?